Opryland Gaylord Flood Repairs

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opryflood1The Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center was flooded in May 2010, leading to a major repair and upgrade of all electrical systems. All of which was to be completed in five months, for a grand re-opening in November 2010.



After six weeks of draining the flood waters and constructing an entire site temporary power distribution system the construction started in mid June. The job was broken down into eight areas; Cascades, Delta, Magnolia, Conservatory, Ryman Exhibit & Meeting, Powerhouse, Laundry and Site Utilities. Spaces included Lobbies, Office / Management , Restaurants & Kitchens, Exhibit & Meeting Space, and Guest Rooms.

On average some 200 electricians worked every day on the reconstruction. Work continued for seven days a week; 12 hour shifts allowed the work to be completed on time.

The entire electrical infrastructure was rebuilt in place in coordination with Eaton Switchgear Engineers. All (39) Electrical Rooms were rebuilt with all feeders tested, remediated or replaced. The complete Fire Alarm and Life System Systems were replaced and upgraded to today's standards. The complete Lighting Control Systems was upgraded or replaced. All (8) Generator Plants were refurbished or replaced.

The Grand Ole Opry Complex was reworked at the same time. The Opry House, Pearl Building, Acuff House, WSM Radio and Museum Storage Building. The Grand Ole Opry complete electrical distribution system was replaced. Renovation of the Green Rooms and Dressing Rooms was completed as well as the addition of new 2 story office space created in the existing back of house storage areas. Studio A was returned to functional status for future use as event facilities and limited production use.

Contract: $30,000,000

General Contractor: D.F. Chase / RC Mathews

Rooms Rebuilt : 117

Sq ft: 1,100,000